Hurricane in Haiti, What’s the big deal?

Hurricane Matthew has been all over the news the last few days. It is looming towards southern Haiti right now, Les Cayes is in the direct path. Les Cayes is the location of the Hut Outreach Youth Center and our Haitian team.

Our buildings are concrete, solid structures that mostly have concrete roofs. However, the classrooms and cafeteria have tin roofs. These are in jeopardy with the anticipated 130 mile per hour winds. Twenty five inches or more of rain is also predicted. We expect flooding at the center and surrounding areas. Those that have been to Haiti and walked through the mud and muck in Interior Hydrolique- can you imagine 25 inches of rain falling there?

The homes in the nearby villages look like this.

A typical home in the village of Interior Hydrolique.

These homes are certainly not built to withstand hurricane force winds. I read yesterday that Matthew is the strongest hurricane in almost 10 years. The Haitians have no evacuation plan, no money for emergency supplies, and no car to drive away from it all. Times like this I feel hopeless, yet when I am hopeless is when I pray the hardest. Please help me to pray for our friends in Haiti. Pray for their safety, pray for their shelters.

In the coming weeks there will be needs. If you would like to help you can donate here.


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