Bad Dreams

My little boy just woke up at 4am, he had a bad dream. Me too baby.  I’ve been dreaming of hurricanes and floods. According to the map below Matthew has passed Haiti. The red circle is Les Cayes, the home of Hut Outreach.  So now we wait. We wait for news, good or bad. I hate waiting.  I presume Internet and cell towers will be down, making communication impossible. I hope not. But, I’m being realistic.

I keep picturing corrugated metal sheets flying off roofs. I remember once a few years ago a mother approached me on the hillside.  She pointed down the hill and we were looking straight onto the top of her roof. There were several layers of rusted tin sheets and some pieces of cloth that made up her roof. She needed help, the rain comes in at night she said. I told her to get an estimate and give it to me. A new roof for her home was $250. I didn’t have that much. She walked away saying, “m-ap vini”, I’m coming back. She came back with a “boss”. The boss says if she had 300 Haitian dollars I can buy some metal and fix the leaks. 300 Haitian dollars is 25 US dollars. We fixed it.

This is why the hurricane is so devastating.  Tin roofs flying off homes will not be replaced. The $25 I gave that Mother might has well have been $1000. She didn’t have it, it was virtually an impossibility for her.

Corrugated metal all over the place means kids will get hurt. Standing water means mosquitos will be bad increasing cases of malaria and Zika. Flooded roads means limited travel, less food coming in from Port cities means higher prices. Floods destroy crops, families now have no income and more expenses. Contaminated water supplies from flooding equals a resurgence of Cholera.

This is the reality for the poor in Haiti. As I’m typing a song keeps running through my head. One of the lines says, “Grace on top of grace”. Dear Jesus I pray this for my dear friends in Haiti today: Grace on top of grace.

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