Hurricane Matthew

These photos were taken today downtown Les Cayes. Many of our Toledo friends know Lovely who is living here attending University of Toledo. She spoke to her family today and they sent these photos. The photo of the ladies standing in the water is near Lovely’s home.

The other pics are downtown Les Cayes. The brown and yellow building is Chare-Vante the old hardware store.

This is the downtown port where we took the boat to the island.

Pray friends. Immediate needs will be drinking water, food, and shelter. No news yet of the center itself but we are mobilizing help.

Times like this you will see lots of requests for money. I don’t want to fall into the category of everyone asking for money but, that’s what we need now. It takes money to help our friends in Haiti now. As  you can imagine, everything will be more expensive and supplies will be low. We are established in this city and ready to help. As always, every dollar given will go directly to the people of Haiti to help…not to administration costs. If there was ever a time to be the hands and feet of Jesus to Haiti, it’s now.

Can you help? Click here.

Pray. Give. Maybe go soon. “for such a time as this”


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    Praying for Haiti and HUT Outreach Mission in Les Cayes


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