After Matthew- Boots on the ground


This is some of our Haitian team- people we know and love that work tirelessly to help their communities.  Last night when the rain finally stopped they started assessing needs. Today they are canvassing our neighborhood to triage the most urgent needs. We send money via Western Union (just $15 to send up to $5000) and our team mobilizes. In the next few days large quantities of food will be purchased to ensure that our students and their families can eat.  We will also make sure there is safe drinking water.  Temporary measures will be taken to ensure that families have the best possible shelter. And long term plans will be made to determine estimates and priorities. The worst is probably not over. Rebuilding in Haiti is full of obstacles.

The Hut Outreach model is different, yet very effective. The Haitian people are empowered to help their own neighbors. After a disaster the impact of speaking the language and knowing the culture is magnified. We will go soon to encourage and support but for now we have ‘boots on the ground’.

Thank you for praying and giving. It’s moments like these that we band together and make an incredible difference in people’s lives.

If you would like to help Hut Outreach, as always 100% of your donation goes right to Haiti. Donate here.



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