Early damage reports

Just got an update from Toto. Thank God our team is all safe! We have been so nervous all day praying about our friends and their precious families. Les Cayes suffered greatly today with nearly 24 hours of rain and 145 mile per hour winds.

Here is what we know so far. The building is dry inside but there is a lot of water on the land, so please continue to pray that the water goes down quickly. Many trees are down, including a large coconut tree that fell on Toto’s taptap! I am not sure at this point if the truck is drivable.

The security wall at the back of the property and the front gate are destroyed. This is an immediate safety concern for Ketlene and her family. In desperate times security is even more important. The tin roof on the new cafeteria is gone. The roof on Nadja’s house is also gone. Nadja’s family is staying inside with Ketlene’s family right now. The school in Les Cayes is intact, thank God! But no news on Charye school yet. Toto’s house also has damage- he lost the tin roof on his kitchen and bathroom.

Interior Hydrolique is destroyed. Most houses lost roofs as they are all tin. These are the poorest of the poor in Haiti- many of you have traveled to Haiti with us and spent time in this community. There is no insurance, no FEMA, no support. These families were desperate BEFORE Matthew.

This is only the beginning, and TIH- This is Haiti- 2 steps forward and 4 steps back. The amazing thing about Toto and our Haitian team is their optimism. Toto says, “We are good! Thanks to God!”  The team plans to meet tomorrow to discuss their plans and he will call us back tomorrow.

Friends, these needs are urgent. Our team needs a vehicle, our center needs security. Our friends in Interior Hydrolique need shelter and food, and drinking water. For 20 years Hut Outreach has been serving this part of Haiti- if you choose to donate to Haiti for hurricane relief-choose Hut Outreach. We would be honored if you would help our friends and team. We will be good stewards of your donation, 100% will go to Haiti to help families in need, as it always does. More updates to come.

Give here.



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