Today has been painful. I worked for a few hours but just couldn’t concentrate. I can’t get my mind to stop reeling. Moments like these I go into fix it mode- I try to figure out a way to fix everything. Hurricane Matthew is not fixable. Things will never be the same in Haiti. Life will go on, and things will get better, but it will be different. Because, now everything we do will be done within the lens of this devastation.

Tonight my heart breaks. Wifi is working again in Haiti which is truly miraculous. Yet, now the images fly over my facebook and I have no reprieve. Friends message to tell me about their home, or their roof that blew away like a sail. I see photos like these of the amazing Hut Outreach team- Wesley with a smile on his face. Ketlene with a look of determination.

This is the front of the Hut Outreach Center in Les Cayes Haiti- if you look closely you can see the large iron security gate lying flat on the ground. Flood waters forced it down. Ketlene is cleaning the inside of the center right now.

This is what the rooms look like. We have a secure concrete roof yet most everything will be ruined. I told Ketlene to use or give everything away- towels, sheets, pillows can all be used by someone who needs them right now. Her and Toto responded that we are “Just like Jesus”.

It will be difficult for me to think about making things pretty again. Knowing it could all be washed away gives me new perspective. As the Bible says, “But store up for yourself treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin (and hurricanes) do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.”


People, sharing the love of Jesus. These are the treasures. Investing in these people will never be wrong. Furniture and new flowers- these things will be destroyed. But relationships? They are always worth the investment. I am incredibly grateful for the friends we have in Haiti and friends we have met at home due to Haiti.

Please keep praying. We need your support. We are tired and this has only just begun. Our Haitian team needs physical and heart strength. Our US team needs heart strength.

Hut Outreach Website


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