After the Storm

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to share with a group of women at St. John’s Lutheran Church about Ketlene’s tragic yet triumphant birth story. I was hopeful and excited sharing about what God is doing through Hut Outreach and shared big dreams for the coming years.

And now Hurricane Matthew. The pictures are devastating. My friends are suffering. Their simple homes are ruined, or at the very least without a roof. Yesterday was their first day of sunshine so all of their belongings were laid out in the sun to dry.

Standing water everywhere will lead to increased Malaria and Zika virus. I worry about our pregnant mommas and our students. Many of them are already so fragile. Contaminated wells and water sources will cause increased Cholera and dysentery.

I think of my dear friends and can’t imagine their suffering. Yet, our team is hard at work. Cleaning up, sending us photos of the damage, passing out food to our neighbors.

This morning the first thing I saw when I looked at facebook was my timehop from 2 years ago with these pictures. The community of Charier was so excited to see the new addition on the school. That was 2014 and the result of an incredibly generous offering from my church, Compelled.

I switched over to messenger and saw these.

Americans are a generous people. Our friends, family and co-workers have been incredibly generous to Haiti over the last 20 years. I’m always afraid I have used up all my ‘asks’. There has been corruption, many question the true value of their donations and wonder how the money will be used.

Once again, on behalf of ‘the least of these’ I have to ask. Here is what we are doing right now:

Toto will purchase a truckload of rice, beans, bouillon, oil and whatever spices are available and drive that to the village of Charier where the community is devastated. The pastor and our teachers there will distribute the food to the community. In this way the community is serving itself- instead of foreigners coming in to ‘save the day’. We have designated $1000 for this project right now.

The team will again distribute food to our neighbors in Interior Hydrolique. Many of our students live in this little neighborhood that is decimated. I can’t imagine all the adorable kids and what they are facing right now. The team will also prepare large quantities of rice and beans for the people living and working at the center. Again, $1000 set aside for this area.

This will need to be done multiple times. Crops are destroyed. Businesses are destroyed. Our friends and their families will need much help in the coming months.

We will also begin restoring security at the center with a repaired gate and security wall. If we want to be a distribution center for aid security is paramount. Tin is being purchased and the roof repairs will begin. We are starting with our team and our teachers then the circle will expand. Initial estimate for roofs is $300 to $800 per home depending on structural damage. We are also prayerfully considering replacing the roof on the church and the school in Charier. These locations could be used as temporary shelters for the community while we wait for funds to repair homes. The church might be $1000 for a roof, the school will be many times that- it has 9 classrooms!

Thank you for following, for sharing, for giving. Thank you for helping these brothers and sisters of mine!

Matthew 25: 40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Website for Hut Outreach

Donate via paypal here.


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  1. Valerie Hofbauer says:

    Nicole,I feel so sad inside. Just a month ago you were sharing your story and how the Outreach team was hoping to build a Women’s center.I am praying for strength of your Haiti Team. I pray people are generous with donations. I heard on the news that there were about 100 related deaths because of the Hurricane. I pray that none of them were your friends.


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