Weeds and Seeds

What are you planting?

Yesterday I was listening to a Dave Ramsey podcast and I had to pull over on the side of the road to take notes. Side note, following the ‘Baby Steps’ is worth it, ‘living like no one else’ is awesome!

So Dave Ramsey challenged me with this:

Think about what you are planting; are you planting good seed? Are you weeding the garden or allowing the weeds of greed, pornography or addiction to grow?

If you don’t plant anything, if you pray but don’t do the hard work, then even when God rains his blessings down on you, there will be nothing but dirt! Because you didn’t work the ground, you didn’t plant the seeds.

Rain makes weeds and seeds grow. So, if we don’t weed our garden, when God pours his blessing out on us, the weeds will only get bigger.

Work hard, weed the garden, plant the seeds and pray for God to rain his blessings out. Then good things will grow.


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  1. nateelarton says:

    Great post. What we plant is what will grow and what we will harvest. Sowing and reaping are universal laws from the Lord. I have to believe you and Aaron are, and are going to be reaping amazing things with the planting you have done in your lives. You are honored by many for your lives, not just in Haiti, but everywhere you both are. Every room, person is blessed when Aaron and Nichole walk into a room.


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