The Comfort of Friendship

​In 2003 a friend and co-worker asked me if she could come to Haiti with me. I was shocked, no one had ever asked before. I reluctantly agreed, worried about what she would think. Every trip to Haiti I’m so very grateful she took the risk to come to Haiti. Amy works so hard behind the scenes taking care of details and correspondence. More importantly she is an ongoing inspiration to me as we navigate helping Haiti while raising families, changing careers and living life. Hut Outreach would not be what it is today without Amy’s dedication and vision. Just yesterday we were riding in the back of the Taptap singing our Haiti theme song, “Where everybody knows your name…”

From Amy: 

I woke up today with so many different feelings.  I know we only have a few more days in Haiti.  Are we doing enough?  I feel a panic inside for the first time.  Are we meeting
the needs of our dears friends, our teachers and the community?  I know we are prepared
today to deliver wood, tin and nails to commence building on many homes in Interior Hydralique, the very poor community behind our Youth Center.  I know we visited several
of our teachers homes and are prepared to give our 15 HUT Outreach teachers what they need to either rent new homes or repair their current home.  I know we have fed or provided food and supplies for so many families. 
Today the women will come to the Women’s
Health Center for check ups and we will provide them food, vitamins and medical care.  I am humbled as we watch our donations come in and go to the greatest needs and I think to myself there just isn’t enough.  What can we do?  My heart is breaking.  I can’t
stop my tears from flowing
today.  But with God’s strength I will stand up and walk beside the people of Haiti again today sharing God’s love and hope for their future.  I will see their strong faith and resolve as we build each other up serving their community
and I will remember what they say…”I am ok, thanks to God”

This morning Amy received an email with a devotional from a friend. This portion really spoke to us: ” Looking to the teachings of Jesus, accepting our freedom in Christ comes with a command to set others free, to spread the good news, to bring freedom to the captives, and comfort to the suffering. The gospel doesn’t end at the cross… that is just the beginning.” Tom Davis


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