Solomon on Two Feet

wp-image-1494448881jpg.jpgSolomon lost his leg in a terrible motorcycle accident. Through a facebook Friend I got him an appointment at Healing Hands in Haiti to be evaluated for a prosthetic. This all happened very quickly, all within a couple days in July during my last Haiti trip. This is unheard of in Haiti. I will never forget the relief on Solomon’s face when I gave him the news. He went for the evaluation and needed $ 600 for physical therapy, a prosthetic leg, and transportation costs to and from the clinic.

Our generous Hut Outreach donors came through and yesterday I got to stand next to him and look him in the eye. I saw the relief in his eyes as he walked, without even a cane. This is a modern day miracle in Haiti, God used emails and old Facebook friends to change this man’s life forever.

Another Solomon sells souvenirs. He is a talented artisan who has become a friend over the years. This trip I wouldn’t normally have the souvenir guys come because we don’t have any newbies, I joke with them that I already have all the Haiti souvenirs. But, I had him come inside and set everything out. We started posting pictures of his crafted items on Facebook, and wow, people loved  them. I am so happy to tell you that in a few hours and just a small bit of Internet frustration on our part, we had sales over $1200.


I want you to see Solomon’s smile times two. Solomon on two feet, and Solomon on two feet because  he will be able to fix his home for his family.

Thank you for reading, for giving and for sharing. These stories touch my heart, and I hope yours too!


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