Moments to Not be Missed

​I brought a poncho and rain boots, just in case. When I gave them to Pizo he exploded with thanks. Pizo is deaf and mute, but his hand motions are very effective communication.

Mikenson’s home survived, but the bed broke and the mattress floated away in the flood. He’s been sleeping on a board covered in old clothes.

Up in the hillside we visited a family who lost nearly everything in the flash floods and mudslides right after the hurricane. I asked the mother, “How can we best help you right now?” My mind was reeling with ideas…her response? “Sa dye vle mwen vle.” whatever God wants, I want. 

I reviewed an expense log with one of our contractors. I asked where was his pay… his response? You already paid me when you helped me finish college, it’s why I  now an engineer. 

An elderly friend whom we built a simple $1500 home for last year cried today. We paid her $ 40 for doing our laundry and gave her a spare suitcase. She cried and said, “You are my deliverance.”

Sitting with my dear friends on the rooftop, watching the clear sky and seeing the beautiful super moon.

Romanis needs cataract surgery, we gave him a voucher for the clinic.

Petion, an old friend came to say thank you for his recent cataract surgery. 

Samy, a team member since 2012 will have his family home rebuilt. Yet he has carried stress this week, we see it in his eyes. When I finally asked him he explained he is worried about his neighbors. What will they think when he gets a new home and they don’t? I just gave him 6 cards from our team with money for each of his neighbors. The stress immediately left his face and he said, “I’m so happy, now we can start building.”

Last night Ketlene and I sat across the table from one another and hand in hand we prayed. She prayed that God would continue to bless us and that Hut Outreach would grow more and more. I prayed that God would protect her family and give all of us the wisdom we need to continue. It was a moment I will never forget. She is a pillar of faith!

The school in Charier is repaired and school starts Today! The principal thanked us yesterday and said, I have no words. Many schools have not opened yet, without you there would have been no chance. The gospel and education aare changing this community. Please send my greatest thanks to everyone.

There were hundreds more, hundreds of moments when I thought to myself, sak pa la. What if I missed this? How could I have missed this?

I’m  so grateful I followed the call to Haiti 20 years ago.

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