Happy Thanksgiving !

As my husband and I peel 20 pounds of potatoes our second turkey is cooking. Soon we will slice and dice mountains of veggies and prepare stuffing. Later our home will be filled to the brim, it will be noisy and the dishes will go on for days. There will be turkey and pie carcasses left behind, and later we will nap and review the newspaper for Black Friday deals to work up the appetite for round two. 

But I can’t miss this chance to be grateful. I’m grateful for this platform to share my heart for Haiti. I’m grateful that my family supports and loves Haiti as much as I do. I’m grateful for the way God took my selfish dreams and turned them into dreams that matter, dreams for others instead of myself. 

Today most of all I’m grateful for the many families we serve in Haiti. I’m grateful for the perspective that knowing them gives me, and how it has blessed my life. I’m grateful for all the help our donors have given since Hurricane Matthew! You have given and prayed, liked and shared and helped us meet critical needs. Hundreds of people in Les Cayes, Haiti are grateful today for their roofs, their food, their children’s education and so much more.

Thank you friends, it takes all of us!

I also had the great privilege this week to be interviewed on Main Street on WLMB TV 40. The show airs tonight at 8pm and you can watch it livestream here.

Hut Outreach website.


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