The Way God Works

Can I tell you a story?

A story of God’s sovereignty? Without cheating and using the dictionary I’ll tell you my definition of sovereignty: knowing all, orchestrating every detail.

A year ago my 18 year old daughter decided she wanted to go to Haiti with her friends. We began to build a team of girls who had come to Haiti before and wanted to return.  This is what happens when you come to Haiti, you make friends and experience life in a completely new way, Haiti is addicting!

So the team assembled. One team member began interning with Hut Outreach as part of one of her college courses. She started brainstorming some projects that could be done to help raise funds and awareness. McKenna, (second from left), came up with a folder of ideas: headbands and jewelry that could be made in Haiti. At that point it was simply a dream.

Today we saw the amazing way that God orchestrates everything. A couple months ago a new friend decided to join the group. Mel (front of photo) has tons of sewing experience and has made the very products we are planning to make!

Last to join the team was Audra (red hat)…who decided just 3 weeks ago to come to Haiti. Audra sat down today and drew up patterns for a couple things that were simply ideas before she made them a reality.

The dreams that McKenna and I have been discussing for months became a reality today, thanks to the amazing team that God put together. I’m in awe.

Today we went downtown for material and supplies to get started. We also found a Haitian friend who will make beads for us “on demand”. And, he knows how to make paper beads as well, something we love but had no idea how to do! Even better, he is going to work with us and in return we will sell some of his amazing creations at home.

This morning we met with our pregnant mommas and shared the vision. A dream really, to help them with an income and to make the program self-sustaining. They are excited and ready to be a part.

Friends, soon you will have the chance you buy these beautiful, handmade products. We can’t wait to share with you! Stay tuned! But for now, join us in awe and gratitude at the way God directs our steps!


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