Choose Haiti

Choose Haiti so a three day old baby can live. Leekson was born with serious internal deformities, yesterday he had an emergency diverting colostomy.  His life was saved. It will be a long road but his mother is thrilled that today she was able to breastfeed him again. That surgery? $230

Choose Haiti so Gardine, a 20 year old man can be pain free. He broke his leg when a tree fell on him during the hurricane. His cast is off but he has muscle pain now. A months supply of Ibuprofen will help. $3

Choose Haiti so an entire community can have a repaired shower house and bathrooms. The community members will do the work for free, Hut Outreach will buy all materials locally, and this gift will keep giving for years. $1100

Choose Haiti so a pregnant woman can learn a skill and create an income for her family. This program is brand new, beautiful jewelry coming soon. Will you buy a necklace or bracelet, knowing your purchase gives hope to a mom thousands of miles away? Can shopping at Walmart or Kohls promise that?

Today one of our team members paid a deposit for her next trip. It’s expensive to come to Haiti, everyone pays their own way. As she made the payment she simply said, “I choose Haiti!”

We are so grateful to each of you who has made a choice for Haiti- a choice to give, a choice to go. Our trips are dynamic opportunities to interact with the Hut Outreach team as they serve their community. Being God’s hand extended in Haiti is tiring and so hot! But, I promise you, your sacrifice means so much.  And God honors your gift in so many ways. Try it…choose Haiti.

Read more about Hut Outreach here.


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