A Strong Start

When my dear friend Ketlene was pregnant with this little pumpkin on the right she begged me to come to Haiti. She was scared. After being with her while she gave birth I can see why. Haitian healthcare is nothing like here in the USA. Moms, do you remember the really sweet nurse talking you through the whole thing or holding your hand? The doctor teaching you and preparing you for delivery? Completely foreign concepts in Haiti where mothers have babies and sometimes babies die. Where nurses become calloused and it is all about survival.

Shawnica is 3 now. Everytime I see her I smile, just knowing what her birth started. She was the inspiration for the Women’s Health Center. Her birth will change maternal infant care in Les Cayes.

It is already happening… the education, the compassion and dignity bestowed on each woman in our program, the breastfeeding education and support.

This work is so important, and a beautiful way for us to stand alongside Haitian women in their time of need. Many of my readers have already given to support this work. Now, will you share? Will you help us spread the word? Because phase 1 is complete, it’s time to forge on and build our birthing center.


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