The Power of a Team

Why go to Haiti? What do you do there? Don’t you help people at home?

These are some of the questions we often get when discussing Haiti trips with co-workers and acquaintances. There are not generally easy answers. Most people don’t have the time to listen to the whole story. So I’ll answer quickly.

Why go to Haiti?

Because you have never seen people with so little exude such joy, never seen the smile on a child’s face after he receives two Crackers, never watched a group of people share so openly and mesh together so quickly.

What do you do there?

We share the love of Jesus by meeting practical, day to day needs: water, food, shelter, education and medical care. We love people, encourage them, listen to them, and show them they are people of value!

And yes, we help people at home by showing them Haiti. We help families and marriages and businesses when people travel to Haiti with us. Haiti travel forces you to be patient, content and creative. The joy of helping Haiti can sometimes pale next to the amazement I feel when watching a team come together. Seeing the individual skills and vision mesh into a beautiful week, many times a week that started with strangers but ended with friends.

No better way to cement a friendship. Want to plan a trip for you and your besties? Contact me. 


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