This team met a simple need at the guesthouse by creatively building tables from pallets, Pinterest: Haiti Style. They work under sub-par conditions; heat, bugs, dirt, limited materials and tools yet, for their service to the kingdom they too will receive their crowns of glory.

Mama Wis comes to me with swollen, arthritic knees telling me about her pain that keeps her from bending down to play with the grand kids. After her second round of Ibuprofen she comes to me with a big smile, incredibly grateful for release from pain. From Ibuprofen, for a few dollars. Despite her pain, she will receive a crown of glory.

The last trip we paid for a baby to have an emergent abdominal surgery. Unfortunately, this trip the mother came to us full of pain, she lost her baby shortly after. But despite her pain and sorrow there was this relief when we prayed with her, for she will receive a crown of glory.

We met with a man who lost his home and business in the hurricane. He asked if we could help him purchase inventory so he could restart his business. We were able to help him with $100, it was as if he won the lotto. He again has hope for this moment, and in the future will receive his crown of glory.

The message at church yesterday referenced 1 Peter 5:4 …You will receive a crown of glory. But as I continued reading the passage in the Message, this: God has had it with the proud, but takes delight in just plain people. 
I have hope in eternity, and the crowns my Haitian brothers and sisters will someday wear. Yet my heart breaks for them now, for their incredible lack. I am more driven than ever to continue this work with all I have, to avoid being the proud, to continue to meet these needs. 

Avoid being the proud. God has had it with us!

Thank you to each of you who likes, prays, shares and gives. Hut Outreach


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  1. Valerie K Hofbauer says:

    So sorry to read about the loss of a precious baby. Also pray for continued relief of pain of Mama Wis’s knees. I would like to donate 10 dollars so that she can continue to recieve ibuprofen. Also I would like to Donate $10 for the Mom whose baby has entered Heaven please purchase something for her to help make her life a little more Beautiful or something she is in need of . Thank you.I love the work you do for these Beautiful people. Someday you all too will have a crown of glory. Thank you Nicole and HutOutreach.
    Your sister in Christ, Val ♡


  2. Valerie Hofbauer says:

    Donation completed for Mama Wis and mother of baby in heaven. Completed through paypal. Continued prayers for all of you and the BeautIful people of Haiti.
    Your sister in Christ, Val


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