Mountains and more Mountains

In Haitian culture proverbs are very important, as a society where the majority of adults cannot read and write the spoken stories and traditions take on extra meaning. One such saying is Mountains beyond mountains which literally means there is always more. You summit one mountain only to discover the next. This is life in Haiti- a series of challenges tackled one by one, day by day, for a lifetime.20170213_071235.jpg

Pecan is thrilled with his new home- a concrete block structure built with hurricane relief funds by Hut Outreach. His prior home was made of tin, stones and dried palm leaves. This home is beautiful and will give he and his son a safe and dry place to live for decades. I’m on top of the world seeing his joy.



wp-1486987116991.jpgBut then, another mountain as we discover this family, the walls of their home destroyed after Hurricane Matthew. The trauma on this young mother’s face devastated our team, to see her home still in this condition, four months after the storm.





Then, another summit as we joyfully visited this family! Remember the family whose walls collapsed during the storm? Read the story here. Well, their new home is almost complete. Mom is smiling and full of joy; completely opposite of the woman I first met in November who had such despair and trauma in her eyes.

Donations to Hut Outreach truly change families. Thank you for praying, sharing and giving. It is an honor to be your eyes in Haiti, to share the stories of our dear Haitian friends.


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