A few weeks ago I sat in Haitian church honestly focused on how hot it was. I had brought a small piece of cardboard to serve as a fan, but air movement only made a slight difference.  
I was trying to listen intently to the sermon, translate it into Creole in my head, then whisper it to the poor English-speaking soul next to me. It was too much, while whispering translations I missed too many crucial conversational clues and couldn’t keep up. So, instead I starting typing in central themes and showing my phone to the others.

The pastor is a fairly young man, mid thirties, who inherited this pulpit when his father died. He has lived in this poor, outlying village his entire life. He graduated high school and attended a technical college for a couple years. This man has never traveled more than a few hours from his home. He has hardly ridden in a vehicle. He has never used a computer. He has never had running water, or even an indoor toilet and has not even had electricity in his home for most of his life. This means no refrigeration, no consistent lights or fans. He is living an austere life. And this is what he preached to his community:

My friends, when you have Jesus you have life in abundance… you might be hungry, you might be sick but forget that. You have Jesus.

You might have a lot of knowledge, alot of money…but without Jesus you have nothing.

If you say you love Jesus but you don’t live for him you are lying!

You say you want to go to school to have a pretty house and car, but do you want that for other people? If you love Jesus you want good things for others too.

And finally, nothing is too ugly or too grave that you can’t give it to God.

1 Peter 5.4 You receive a crown of glory.

#wisdom all the way from Haiti.


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