The thesaurus says promise means ‘to give hope or possibility’

A few months ago I sat with a missions intern from Northpoint Bible College and brainstormed for Haiti. She came up with an idea, to teach the moms in our program how to make jewelry. 

This program is now in place. Everyday a group of 20 women come and create beads from scraps of paper. They talk and laugh and support one another. They pray when a member is sick, they coo over each other’s babies, they cry together when a baby is lost. They are building an incredible bond as they roll scraps of paper on toothpicks, while they string beads.

Hut Outreach has twenty years or service to this community, twenty years of relationships, we have roots here. This program has grown off those same roots, but new branches.

We have jewelry to sell. We are looking for ladies willing to open their homes, invite friends, and purchase this jewelry. It’s more than just jewelry, it is hope. It is possibility.

Contact us at to learn more.


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