The Command to Go

Last week I had the incredible honor to meet the Provost of the American University of the Caribbean in Les Cayes, Haiti. Paul grew up in Haiti, he even attended university there then moved to the US for graduate school. He met his wife and raised his family in Indiana. He was a self-proclaimed ‘soccer dad’. Spending his days driving the minivan to travel soccer games all over the Midwest. The two older sons finished college and got married and Paul moved back to Haiti.

Everyone wondered why. Why would you leave this comfortable life to live there? Isn’t it dangerous? What about diseases? Where will your youngest son attend school? Isn’t it really hot there?

Paul’s explanation was simple yet profound. He said,

“If I was a soldier and my commander gave me an assignment could I say, no thanks I am really comfortable here? Or, no thanks, that looks dangerous over there?”

“No, I would say yes sir. So that is what I did.”

Where is your commander leading you today?


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