They Just Want to be Heard


I’m currently on an old bus in central Haiti with 3 Haitians and 2 other Americans. We have been in a traffic gridlock for about 2 hours. The people of this little town have blocked the road with 3 semi trailers and punctured the tires. There are hundreds of vehicles, bumper to bumper with horns at full blast. 

In Haiti there is one road to travel to get to the south.  There are no shortcuts or quick exits to take a scenic route. There is just one road, and albeit scenic, I have seen enough of this half mile section.

The people of this town want to be heard, they want to draw attention to their cause, they want to be seen by the International community. Oftentimes these blockades are to protest the limited amount of electricity an area receives.  Today the protest is against the new mayor whom the people here do not like.

I’m impatient, thirsty and aggravated. They are desperate and likely feel invisible and forgotten.  I’ll take the minor inconvenience I’m experiencing.

If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.” Regina Brett


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